GLIMPSE INSTITUTION work’s on your overall development as we are master in the ENGLISH, PTE and IELTS skills of spoken English which is the root of every foundation. We work on student’s weak points and also polish their skills by giving them our master classes.

 We have expert trainers of PTE and IELTS. They guide you through live examples, especially, we work on listening, reading, writing and speaking module as students usually face problem in public speaking we motivate them and make them comfortable in this module we work on their right pronunciation of words. We give different words of vocab for your writing modules which not only improve your writing section but reading also. We give special reading orientation in which we work on each type. Every student take extra material for home. We have minimal charges so, every student.

   Who wants to make a better life through these skills can get bother.

We make PTE more interesting and easy through our sections. Even we work on every se   aspect of PTE. Firstly, we understand the problems then we clear them logically.

We have impressive results of IELTS and PTE. We also organize classes as we never make rush /crowd in any class. Students feel free here.


Managing Director 


                     Mr.Harinder Singh Dhillon

Is a Managing Director of Glimpse Institution . He directs and control the work and resource of the Institution and ensure the recruitment and retention of the required numbers and types of well motivational, trained and developed staff to ensure that it achieves its mission and objectives.

He provides strategic advice and guidance to the staff, to keep them aware about new developments. He monitors the performance of teachers and students to ensure their smooth functioning supervising department heads.


     Mrs. Ratinder Kaur Dhillon 


Ratinder Kaur Dhillon is managing director of Glimpse Institution. She has 10 years experience as a teacher and now she is working as a Manger in Glimpse Institution since 2021.

She is experienced as she provides inspiration, motivation and guidance to teachers, staff and also meet with students. She is highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with expertise in management also has strong leadership and communication skills. Every time she proven her capability in strategic work with successful deliver of profitable growth. She provides master classes to students to overcame their problems of IELTS,PTE and make them comfortable towards grammar. She develops business with stated objectives, also guided the staff into the future with planned growth.  

About Staff

  Our staff is very cooperative, well -educated and experienced. Firstly they create a safe and supportive yet challenging environment then promote learning from experience, our staff understand students rather than judge them and do work on their weaknesses to achieve desire goal.



    Nothing is impossible in life so always choose the path to get success not to lose and we are here to work on you to boost your motivation level, improve your skills to speak fluently as English is extensively utilized in competitive examinations and students had to show their proficiency in it to proceed further in their career. So, we guide you how much it is crucial to learn, speak, read and write in English. We give you master classes which are taken by experts.




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